As you are probably aware that this is current technology adapted as a free service to connect people with people. As taxi drivers with a past in technology we saw an opportunity to provide current technology as a solution to old problems.

We have learned that the world over seems to be getting smaller and smaller as the internet and communication technology continues to expand. With Las Vegas, Nevada receiving over 40 Million visitors a year from all over the world. We could provide a means for additional services to the taxi drivers and their riders.

Consider this:

"Availability – or rather the lack of it
– is the key problem with taxi service in San Francisco at present. That is the conclusion from Police Department Taxi Detail dispatch survey data, the Chamber of Commerce survey of public attitudes, and the current study’s interviews with stakeholders. According to the dispatch survey, the chance of successfully telephoning for a taxi in Fall 2000 was just 40%."

"At present, however, taxis in San Francisco are nowhere near achieving their potential, as discussed in detail later in this chapter. Anecdotal evidence suggests poor availability, and the Taxi Commission’s own dispatch survey from Fall 2000 shows that if a passenger calls for a taxi, there is only a 40% chance of one arriving. A survey conducted in Spring 2001 for the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, meanwhile, found that more than half of people surveyed consider a shortage of taxis, ‘no shows’ and difficulty in ordering taxis in the first place to be serious problems."

"Poor availability does not necessarily mean that there are too few taxis on the streets. Availability is not the same as supply, because both supply and distribution determine availability. Poor availability in some parts of the city may be due to taxis clustering at more lucrative locations such as the airport or downtown hotels, rather than to a shortage of cabs. Dispatch technology, the number of taxis handled by each dispatch service, and the incentives for drivers to accept radio orders are other important factors that affect availability, but not the overall supply of licensed taxis."

( Source: San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, 2001
The San Francisco Report

When potential users of our Find-A-Driver program find that this is a good idea, please let other drivers know. By having drivers sign up and let us know what additional languages they speak. Or if they drive a handicapped ready vehicle?

It would be nice to have some way for someone to come here and have a cab driver that speaks their language. Don't you?

Attaching specific location & destination information to a text message that can go out to the drivers via their cell phones that are near your particular zip code will naturally allow for quicker service to your location anywhere in the city of Las Vegas. Without a lot of elaborate technology. There may be more than one driver to call you and you must only choose one or ignore all other caller id's that you are not familiar with. Drivers will be informed that they should not leave messages and go on to the next call when getting no response on the rider's cell phone. The Driver that picks you up at your location, is on the honor system. Which for their part, they must be honest to tell you when they call you on the phone how far they believe they are away from your location.

The driver's Riders (which means you) are also on the honor system. Your part of the process involves not taking more than one driver for your ride, unless you have more people at your location than one driver can take. That's it, the whole process is just that simple!

You can see here how we have suggested to drivers how to use the system.

We also explain to drivers that we will inform the public of as many of current issues involving drivers that we come across in our sojourn in the transportation industry. Not unlike this particular example we have chosen in this link. And we believe the public will understand why we have chosen that subject. The murder rate of drivers on the job is equal to or greater than Police Officers. And they have guns. Public awareness is an important issue with the drivers.

Clients and customers of our drivers will also be encouraged to make comments about their experiences in Las Vegas. I think drivers really do want to know what you thought of your experience.


McCarran International Airport:  We do not at this time suggest or direct any customer using the Find-A-Driver System, to use this system or to utilize this system in anyway for any pick up locations at McCarran International Airport . There are no negotiations planned or designed at this time for Taxi Medallion usage tracking or any specified pickup locations at that facility. We do however, pickup rides at the other airports in the valley.

We apologize for the any inconvenience as our registration form for the "General User" is still under construction. Please come back and check for the update to our completion dates.

However, our registration screen for taxi drivers is now active.

Thank You!

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