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The Taxi Reporter

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Friday, February 23, 2018
Volume 1, Issue 1
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The story, "The Last Cowboy" is set in Halifax Canada and has an unbelievable amount of similarities to Las Vegas, I just had to include it in our library. More of a documentary about class observations through the eyes of a taxi driver.

The Last Cowboy

This next link is a technical document suggests to San Francisco local government to go with split meter which the drivers get 55% of the meter. They are now on a leasing option to drivers. They also suggest for customers to pay 75% of the meter without reseting the meter for each multi-drop client that gets out of your taxi, when it is normally preceived as one run by most people.

Making the Taxi Business Work in San Francisco

Other important sections in the Taxi Stand Library
Important Links:
Nevada Laws:
Taxi Authority:

Clark County:

Federal Section:


Reporting Terrorist Activity

Tips for Taxi & Livery Drivers:
Dealing with Workplace Violence

The New York City - Taxicab Fact Book

If anyone has any suggestions for additional links or articles regarding anything in the service industry click here and drop us a line. We look at everything. There is a list of service industry disciplines in our BBS and you know of something that would impact those employees, let's us know.




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The inside story headliners for this issue of The Taxi Stand begin with:

Jon Barnes thinks he drives the only wired taxi on the planet. He's probably right. He definitely has the ultimate taxi.

Making a billion just isn't what it used to be. The current status of billionaires and some cut up comments that to me, make everything alright.

The Captains Corner has some very direct comments regarding unions and how they fit into the present day paradigm of needs vs. survival in the taxi business.

Also featured in this corner is a comment made by a 9-11 defendant claiming that Timothy McVeigh, :``Yes, the greatest American,'' Moussaoui said.

is featuring:

The Last Cowboy
Kimberly Berry

Article: Cameras in Taxi's

The San Francisco Report

All The New:

completed sites in our business plan are.

Not to far off, futuristic details
of all 5 sites can be found here

1.) The one your in now

2.) NoTipJerks.Com

Next on the list to complete
3.) LasVegasGigs.Org
4.) TaxiBabe.Net
5.) TheTaxiReporter.Com

About Us

Three of the 5 people that are involved are taxi drivers James Di'Leo along with Ted Emmer, and Lynn Vicchio are laying plans for: The Taxi Stand Radio Show.

That along with a few more surprises in the area of technology should show some exciting changes in the Cab & Livery industry for Las Vegas, Nevada.

Adult Jokes

Historical Aerial Views
in Las Vegas


Wireless sector news