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Features of MileStones ASP

Key Features

NEW Features!

  • A customer interface allowing your customers to view their past and current orders.
  • Your customers can have their password emailed to them.
  • Customers can change their account information.
  • Gift messages and shipping notes can be entered when checking out .
  • Additional shipping addresses can be entered during checkout or from the Customer Service module.
  • Target your email campaigns by selecting customers based on value of sales or number of productive (they bought something) visits.
  • Complete Management Backend including:
    • Invoice Creation
    • Vendor Management
    • Product Management
    • Customers
    • Coupon and Discounts
    • Mail List management for Customers and Contest Entrants
    • Sales Reports
    • Inventory Reports
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Dynamic Product Pages - Changes in the Back End Access or SQL Server Database are immediately visible to the user.
  • Customer Lookup of account details and past purchases, including display of "Affinity" balance available for use.
  • Use with either Access 7.0 or SQL Server 7.0 as back ends
  • Access 97 or 2000 Back End database included. You can modify with Microsoft Access
  • You Receive Complete ASP Source Code
  • You receive a written Programmer's Guide with flowcharts of each module.
  • There is a separate User's Guide
  • Automatic E-Mail Notification Sent in Seconds to the Site Owner and Buyer - works with Many ASP Mail Programs - is delivered compatible with ASPMail (commonly available on most hosting services.)
  • Shipping charges calculated automatically on each order. Table driven so it is easy to adjust.
  • Shipping charges calculated 3 ways – total order, by weight and per item. Purchaser can Integrate with UPS. (will require additional programming)
  • As delivered supports PayReady and
  • Easily Implement Your Own Interface and Graphics.
  • Implement as a Framed Site or a Non-Framed Site.
  • Maintain Product Updates, Deletions and Additions from Your Web.
  • You Receive FREE Online Management Reports - Run Them From Your Browser.
  • Real Time Inventory Management is Built In - recalculates available inventory as orders are placed on your web site.
  • You Receive One Year of FREE Updates from the Date of Purchase
  • Stores Contest Entries, Club Memberships, etc. to the back-end database for easy export.
  • Source Code Included. Use it for up to 10 of your own sites. 
Click here to view Demonstration (check it out!)

View User's Manual Here

View Programmer's Guide Here (this page is 200+ k and will take a while to load.

Download Manuals Here (Check it out!)
(in zipped format, the User's Guide is 67k and the Programmer's Guide is 55k)

Enhanced "Search" Pages

Robust BackOffice, including:

Mail List Management

  • Mail to All Customers
  • Mail to All Contest Entrants
  • Mail to just this Month's Contest Entries
  • Automatic Generation of Coupons

Coupon Tracking

Customer Database 
(New) tracks all purchases and coupon use. Records number of visits and money spent at site.

Enhanced Product Management.
Edit products by:

  • Category
  • Manufacturer
  • Vendor

Click here to view demo of enhanced BackOffice

Enhancements in Development:

  • Affinity Program whereby customers can give their friends/family an entry URL and have a percentage of their referral's sales credited to their account for future purchases.

Purchasers of ASP Shop Plus are entitled to 1 year of enhancements and upgrades.

And this magnificent shopping system
can be YOURS for a nominal fee.
Several people have asked me
to list the price here. I have resellers that have
made their own enhancements and to prevent confusion,
have asked me not to list the price.
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