James C. Di'Leo

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Summary of Skills/Experience:

Senior Analyst 2 years
Systems Analyst 6 years
Project Leader 4 years
Programmer Analyst 12 years Senior Support Tech 4 years Consultant/Data Conversions 5 years

Computer Skills:
(HTML VBScriting Active Server Pages) 8yr. Ms Sql Server 6yrs Sequel Server 4.5 (Sun) 1.5 yrs
DreamWeaver UltraDev 8ysr. Case Tool - Visable Anaylst 2 yr. Access97/2000 2 yrs
Java Scripting 1/2 yr. PICK 6 yrs Business Basic 5 yrs
MS Basic 10 yrs. Revelation RDBMS 6 yrs MS Image Composer/Gif Editor
Excel/Word/Powerpoint Ulead Visual Studio MS Photo Editor






System Software:

Win NT Server/Wrk Sta 4.0 SP6


Novel Network Lotus Notes Exchange Server
IIS SQL Execuitive Services AspMail/ASPUpload
Accounting Systems
accrual, cash methods. Fixed Assets, General Ledger, Fund Accounting, Payroll/Union, A/P A/R, Job Cost, Accounting & Reporting, Inventory, Purchase Order Tracking, Time Tracking Systems, (Programming,Training, Implementation, Design, Installation)

Data Conversions and normalizations from MainFrame to Dos/RDBMS data Structures.

Telecommunications products on each system/Hyperlink/Telnet /FTP services/Frame Relay/Ethernet 802.3/802.2/TCP/IP
Have literally installed & supported 100's of various applications. VI Editor/Unix/Aix OmniPage Scanner Software
MsDos1.0-7.0 ODBC/OLE/ ADO Various Internet Hosting Services




Conpaq Proliant Cisco 770-760 Routers Sun Solaris Workstations/Servers
IBM PC SMC HUB/Switches LAN/WAN Systems Scsi Devices/Drivers
RS6000/IBM/Multi-Processor IBM 4690-94 Cash Register Systems/Controlers Host of Periphial devices
FIDI Switchs CSU/DSU T!/56k Comm Frame Relay NCR Cash Register Systems
Audio & Video Firewire devices Web Site placement



Presently working on personal projects with XML, Java , WAP, WML Financial Banking Systems


Freelance Consulting           Nov 2000 - Current

Volt Telecommunications Grand Rapids Michigan.                  Consultant
November 1999 - May 2000
      Achieved installations, trouble-shooting experience with residential phone maintenance, business dedicated telephony service. Performed Loop-Back tests through AT&T central office for extended DMARC's and ATM Machines with T1.5M & 56K, and ISDN Data telephony services. Performed initial installs of routers, CSU's/DSU's & hubs for customers data communications needs.

Web-Services Willard, MO                                                              Consultant
April 1999 - Nov 2000.
      Win-NT Server Network Administrator. Responsibilities included developing web sites using DreamWeaver & DreamWeaver UltraDev. Developing & Implementing ASP/Java & VBScripting. Database Support using Access & Access2000, MsSql 6.5 & 7.0. Developing Server side procedures and database designs. Using Executive Services via direct Internet access. Setting up Internet credit-card accounts and gateways. Email servers & services, message-boards, list-servers as part of the overall services provided.
      Developing E-Commerce Sites for small to medium size businesses. Using Hand-Coded HTML, ASP/VB-Scripting were development systems leave off. . Data normalization, overall system design in assisting customer satisfaction.

Developed & Own the company called Milestones.                       Consultant
May 1998   Current

         Completed personal research opportunities for investments in Internet companies after leaving Dominick's Finer Foods. Developed my own personal home network system and using Windows NT Sever and Windows 98. Installed and implemented ISDN as the gateway to the Internet using Cisco 766 router & SMC TigerStack 100mhz hub. Completed design and implementation specifications for Milestone Services Currently working on The Taxi Stand

Senior Analyst Dominicks Finer Foods, Elmhurst, IL.
July 1996 May 1998
        Managed major step upgrades of underlying operating systems for $754 Million/ per year business for stores IBM 95 Controllers & 4690 IBM Cash Registers. In my personal efforts I was able to manage, coordinate and plan this major event to work with the centralized in-house support groups and a third party vendor that provided hardware upgrades from a centralized location.
         Responsible and provided Software scripting to provide seamless procedures to store & accounting level management reporting to appear that no upgrades had even occurred. Supported store and management technical level resources for 117 store integrated IBM Cash Register 4690 Systems. Support consisted of quick response team efforts to determine possible store level emergency shut down prevention of any systems involving store communications and all real-time cash register issues. Responsible for R&D work for the next level upgrade to IBM 4694 and new IBM 350 Controllers. Additional responsibilities included minor programming modifications at receipt level for various marketing programs and normal software upgrades & updates that occur in any constantly changing retail software environment.

Supervisor & Systems Analyst Tax Technology Group, Price Waterhouse, Chicago, IL
April 1992 - Dec 1995
        Initial 2 years spent as last line, 'the buck stops here', support desk for TTG Group a $30 Million/year profit center for. State/Fed/Expatriate Tax Technical software & operating system support for Fortune 1500-client list.
        Managed & Developed CASE Tool designs for data normalization on internal information systems while maintaining existing accounting database. Lead person on the ground floor of full cycle development and preparing personnel and systems for migration of platform tools that is cutting edge technology. Gathering & compiling of all company procedures to complete signoff for system design. Providing floor and department wide documentation of complete upgrade and reviewed department procedures.
         Managed upgrades to Windows for Workgroups, Win95/98, and Microsoft NT Server & Workstation installations.
         Managed complete re-build of server room and re-routing of all communications lines, with R&D work in administrative functionality for complete system for single or multiple server workstation controls . Preparations completed for FIDI Backbone (Fiber) as part of upgrade..
         Responsibility as system administrator and developing system procedures in Sybase on Unix and network administration for NT Systems.
         Developed Backend Client Server Application in Sybase RDBMS. Specific protocols TCP/IP, IPX/SPX for Windows NT 3.51 as a gateway across Novel Network, with a PowerBuilder 4.0 front end. Responsible for Network Connectivity, Troubleshooting procedures at the PC level configurations across a 300 PC environment with remote communications. Responsibilities included complete formation and management of departmental support procedures and Lab Coordination & setup.
        This entire effort in the last five bullets became the new MIS depart for the entire floor and replaced the exiting IT department.
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Additional Resume History


Associate Degree 90% completed, Utah Technical College, Salt Lake City, UT May 1983
Completed classes at IBM in Raleigh North Carolina, for IBM 4690 OS Cash Register Systems 1996
Webmaster Classes completed at Moraine Valley College in Worth Illinois. 1998


A-Systems Corporation Bountiful, UTAH

Immediate Supervisors For:

Dominick's Finer Foods:

Mark D. Hartman
708.492.5892 (Direct Line at Dominick's, now owned by Safeway)
E-Mail : MarkHartman1@Safeway.Com

Price Waterhouse:

Doug Coker ( Now owns his own business)
E-Mail : dcoker@ccscg.com


Jack Almaguer
Human Resource Administrator
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Chicago, IL 60601

Larry Lissak
708-338-4580 (DataCron is now owned by 3M Home Health Systems)

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