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The Front Page for
Forums for Las Vegas Gigs.Com
Drop me a line.
Drop me a Line.
Forums designed for the more feminine side of the services industry of Las Vegas for TaxiBabe.Net

The Taxi Stand Forums for Taxi Drivers
The Taxi Reporter Visitor Forums
for the top links TheTaxiReporter.Com, LasVegasGigs.Net, TaxiBabe.Net, NoTipJerks.Net  are in progress to be completed. TheTaxiStand.Com is basically completed with The Taxi Stand BBS, the Find-A-Driver program, and The Retail Site. We are waiting for the completion of the other sites.

Once the implementation phase of the other sites are prepared, integration with the first stage of the Find-a-Driver program will take place. The services can be accessed with any Internet connected device browser Computers in Hotel Rooms, local residents or vistitors. Laptops with WiFi or sprint card can also work. Drivers and their Riders can register and use the service for free.
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